We deeply believe that all of God's children are loved equally, whoever they are, and that they all have the right to the same opportunities to know their Creator. This is why we are implementing a registration fee system leveled according to the income of each family, so that each child can be a member of our school regardless of their social status.

       The registration fees correspond to an annual fee going from €3000 to €5000, depending on the household's total income.

       As our establishment is non-profit and of general interest, our financial sources only come from the registration of children at the École du Cœur as well as from your generous donations.

We also ask the parents to commit to us to register their child at the École du Cœur for a minimum of 3 years.


       Admissions are from 6 to 17 years old (with special dispensations for children under 6 and young people over 17).


       We also accept children with disabilities, with a possibility open to refusal. We study the file and meet the child to see if they will become a member of the École du Cœur. The final decision will be made according to the budget in case of need of a specialized educator, according to the specific needs of the child, as well as logistical questions. For children under the age of six, the final decision will depend on the child's autonomy and ability to adapt to the school. For young people over the age of seventeen, this will depend on their needs and their deep choice to enter the school.


       For us, the quality of the time and support given to each member of the school is essential. This is why we do not want to welcome more than 12 children in our school, so that each one is consequently taken care of and supported in their projects and improvements.

                                                                                      To register your child to the École du Cœur, or for any additional questions, please click here.

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